Best Multiplayer Roulette Casinos: Play for Real Money and Win

Multiplayer roulette online

What is Multiplayer Roulette?

Multiplayer Roulette is an online casino game created by an eminent software company. Although it has been introduced quite recently, a number of casinos have already included it in their offer.

As its name suggests, the key point of this online game is the social aspect. It allows players to chat with other players or congratulate them on their wins. 

Where to Play Multiplayer Roulette

If you were wondering what online U.S. casino sites have multiplayer roulette, check out some of the best ones. 

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Rules & Tips

Playing at multiplayer roulette online casino is extremely simple. It employs the French Roulette version, meaning that the spinning wheel incorporates 37 numbers (1-36 plus 0) along with traditional colors and number combinations. The main difference between the online roulette multiplayer and ordinary online roulette is that you have enough time to place your wagers in the multiplayer version.

1️⃣ The first thing you need to do when activating a roulette multiplayer game is choose your avatar.

2️⃣ Next, approach the roulette table with the number of chips you want. After that, you will notice other avatars, representing additional players. 

3️⃣ When you are ready to play, just put your chips on your favorite combination of numbers or color.

4️⃣ When the wheel finishes, the ball will land on a specific number, and the winners will be paid out. It also possesses a timer that measures the time between the spins. This allows you to choose the time you need before placing your bets. Players have 20 and 40 seconds, as well as 1 minute at their disposal before the timer reaches 0.  


Online multiplayer roulette allows players to invent their own strategy for winning. As it includes multiple players at one table, you can watch the progress they are making and thus learn how to play better. Just observe those who have frequent wins, then add to their wagers. 

The majority of roulette players tend to place their bets on the outside (even/odd, red/black) or the inside (choosing a number). However, wiser gamblers use the combination of both to boost their chances to win. 

Therefore, consider wagering on not only the colors but also the combination of numbers. You may also choose the combination of numbers along with evens or odds. You will eventually discover that at least one bet will earn you some wins.