Profeissonal Roulette Players

For Professional Roulette Players — How to Bypass Surveillance

For high-skilled players, winning at roulette is not some mumbo jumbo. Yet, when you are on a winning streak, you probably won’t stay under the radar. Casinos wouldn’t be such resilient and prosperous businesses if they had been open-handed throughout history. Players have their roulette systems and strategies while gambling houses have their countermeasures. Majority […]

Roulette Wheel With Magnets

Roulette Wheel Magnets 101 — Everything You Need to Know

When you enter a hazy land-based casino, there are thousands of people looking for a moment of thrill. Roulette attracts a variety of players — physicists, professionals, the addicted, beginners, and entertainment-hungry visitors. In the center of it all is the roulette table, under the watchful eye of the croupier, the pit boss, and the […]

Roulette Cheating

Roulette Scams — Famous Cheaters and Their Methods

Cheating at online casinos, as well as in brick-and-mortars, is presumed to be any method of influencing the outcome of a roulette game. In many states, it is illegal, while in some, the casino has the right to ban the player. Trying many methods of cheating is never a good idea; apart from sanctions that […]

Roulette Sign

Most Memorable Roulette Winners Ever

Roulette is a game everyone knows as the “Devils game” as one spin can make you rich. Time stands still as the small ball lands in a pocket. Cheering and prayers are as loud as the sound of the ball hitting wood. The round ends and winners take their prizes. Now, let’s see who the […]

Roulette Chip on the table

What You Need to Know About Roulette Bets, Odds and Payouts

Roulette is a game of chance. While the dealer spins the wheel, wherever the ball lands decides the outcome of the spin. Anticipating the outcome while placing bets, figuring out the odds, and calculating the payouts is a thrilling challenge. Roulette’s homeland is France, where the game as we know it today evolved throughout the […]

Roulette Double Zero point

The Best Double Zero Roulette Strategy

The vast difference between the double zero wheels, also known as the American roulette, and the European wheels, which are always wheels with a single zero, is the house edge. To be precise, the house edge depends on the number of zeros the roulette wheel has — more zeros means bigger house advantage. That is […]

Winning on Roulette Game

Winning Strategies for American Roulette

The most common roulette version in USA casinos is the one with two zeros. Aside from that, in some gambling establishments, you might encounter the variant with a single zero, but it is more characteristic for Europe. These two roulette versions are known as American and European roulette, and everything that separates them from one […]

Online Casino with Roulette

Roulette Promotions at Online Casinos

Many online casino sites provide their players with different sorts of promotions. There are two ways to gamble online — in free and real-money games. Each of these offers the benefits that help you stay in the game longer. These usually come in the form of bonuses. But what can these bonuses be? When you […]

Girl playing Roulette

Number Prediction at Online Casino Roulette

Is it possible to predict the winning numbers at roulette? Many gamblers claim there are a few ways to do that. Most of them are based on experience in a live game, yet they can’t help you with online casino gaming. So how does prediction work at the roulette table? Is there a sure way […]

Gamling table

How to Win at Roulette Machines

Roulette is a quite simple casino game. Examine the table layout, place down your wager, and pray the ball lands into the wheel pocket with a number you decided to wager on. In other words, Lady Luck is in the leading role here. Nevertheless, if you ever wonder how to win at roulette machines, there […]