How to Win at Roulette Machines


Roulette is a quite simple casino game. Examine the table layout, place down your wager, and pray the ball lands into the wheel pocket with a number you decided to wager on. In other words, Lady Luck is in the leading role here.

Nevertheless, if you ever wonder how to win at roulette machines, there are some tips, tricks, and strategies to help you figure it out. And before you learn about those, you should get well acquainted with the types of the roulette machines.

The Roulette Playing Options

When looking at all of the options to play roulette, the best known is probably the one represented in the land-based casinos — the table with numbers layout, wheel, and a croupier. The other option is an online casino. Also, in the U.S., you will mostly encounter the double zero, or so-called American roulette. However, some casinos offer a European version too, which holds a single zero.

Tips for Different Types of Gamblers

Strategies you can apply in this game are different for occasional players and professionals. If you’re a roulette rookie, you have to be prepared for some losses. The same rule applies for occasional gamblers. You should understand that the winning odds most likely won’t be in your favor. So which path will lead you to victory? Let’s see!

For Occasional Gamblers

Girl GamblingYou should focus on how often the bet you placed will bring you prize. If you choose to bet on a single number, the probability of winning is once in 37 spins. This is a good reason to try placing some outside bets, like red and black.

The other thing to keep your focus on is when to increase your bet. Doing that after a loss will separate you from your money swiftly. If it occurs that there are ten red in a row, the probability of getting black in the next spinning will stay the same. That is why doubling your bets is a completely different bet, not the one to compensate for your losses. Still, it is quite a risk. You may win big or stay penniless. If your objective is to stay in the game for some time, increasing your bet is not a very good idea.

When you decide to boost your wager after the gain, you shouldn’t approach it aggressively. Let’s say you make a bet on the black and lose, and your next step could be to wager on the black again and raise your bet for one more chip. If you win, decrease your wager for that chip. This is a way to remain in the game for a while.

You should make strict limitations to the amount of money you are risking. If you are willing to lose $100, bring only $100. Besides, be aware that playing only to regain the losses is a way to gambling addiction.

For Professionals

As a professional, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Even though you can get high prizes, you should know that the real restraint is how much you can win while staying undetected.

There is no consistency in the gain when you make the outside bets. That means that these bets cannot ensure that you’ll profit in the long run. You can win consistently only with inside bets because they depict each part of the wheel.

The only winning strategy is to use the physics of the roulette wheels to anticipate in which pocket the ball will land. Some of the experienced gamblers claim you shouldn’t ever base your strategy on the table layout. Doing this is the same as making an arbitrary bet.

You should also be aware that the staff of land-based casinos has at least some knowledge of the ways to beat a casino. This is why they will follow carefully gamblers that seem like they could be professionals. Making a late bet, for example, is an obvious sign that a player is applying prediction technology known as visual ballistics. That’s why you should observe the behavior of the staff as well. If the croupier, for example, early calls “no more bets,” that is a not so subtle sign — a professional has been detected.

Actual Strategies

When you choose whether you’re a professional or an occasional player, there are some standard strategies you should consider applying. Here are five most frequent roulette strategies.

The D’Alembert

This strategy is one of the safer options of roulette gameplay. It consists of raising and make your wager lower by one chip.

To apply this strategy, you should make a small bet on either 1–18 or 19–36, even or odd, or black or red. After one loss, you can raise your wager by a single chip, and then drop it by one when you win.

When the amount of your wins and losses is about the same, you should walk away. If the luck is slipping away, and you are lining up failures, you should stick to it until the winnings are equal to losses. Then, pick up your prize and hit the road.

Here is an example: you make your $11 wager on red, and lose. After that you make your wager of 12 dollars and lose again. You raise your bet on 13 dollars and win. Then you should decrease your bet on $12 and, if you win, pick up your gain and leave the table.

The Martingale

This is a strategy that expects of you to  double your wager after you’ve lost. The aim of the Martingale strategy is to recuperate all your earlier losses and gain a little profit. Simply put, you bet on one color and double it until you win, and that should cover what you lost.

To do this, you should find a roulette table with a modest minimal and high maximum bet. It is of utmost importance to start small because you should double your wagers as much as possible. Bet on red or black, 1–18 or 19–36, or even or odd.

If you’re winning, continue betting the same amount. Now, you could walk from the table, though it doesn’t make much difference walking out with one or two dollars. However, if you lose, you should make the same bet, but double the amount. And, if you win the second bet, go back to your initial wager.

This is a betting system that you should repeat until you reach maximum wager at the table. And, as you can tell, it is pretty simple. Double the bet every time you lose, and go back to your previous bet every time you win.

Nonetheless, Martingale withholds some disadvantages. You can win 99 times in a row, and it still doesn’t mean that another color will show up on the following spin. Due to the 0 and 00 fields, roulette has a little lower chances than 50:50. Also, after a certain amount of successive losses, you might get to the maximum bet or deplete your money. So at that point, you’ll be on the same color either you win or lose.

The Reverse Martingale

Now that you are introduced to the Martingale strategy, you should know there is gameplay completely opposite from it. The reverse Martingale method expects of you to raise your wager only when you win and make it low once you lose.

To apply it, you should come to the table with a low minimal and large maximum bet. Same as using Martingale, place your wager on 1–18 or 19–36, even or odd, or red or black, and hold your bet on the same spot until you win. When you lose, keep your wager small. If you win, make your wager double for the following spin. If you lose, go back to your initial bet.

In this type of gameplay, everything is up to timing. It is a great risk because if you lose, your complete earnings will be gone. To apply it successfully, luck has to be on your side, and to be able to walk away before you lose.

The Fibonacci

And now, let’s talk about some serious science. The well known Italian mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci, at the beginning of the 13th century, wrote about particular number series, which was later named “Fibonacci sequence.” The series is based on the concept that every number following the first two is the sum of the previous two. It looks like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.

In the roulette terms, applying the Fibonacci Strategy means that after the first two bets, you should add them together for the next wager. This isn’t a bad tactic because you will profit even if you have more losses than wins.

Like with D’Alembert and Martingale gameplay, it’s best to start with a low bet on either even or odd, black or red, or 1–18 or 19–36. If your initial wager was one dollar and you lose, you should bet on one dollar again. If you lose still, bet on two dollars. Once you win, you should go back to the amount of your previous wager sum.

When you are in the black instead of red, you should walk from the wheel. Nonetheless, the amount of your losses opposed to the wins will help you get the actual idea whether you’re progressing or not. Even when you won less than lost, you could be in the black.

The James Bond Strategy

Another popular method is the one our beloved Agent 007 used in his casino adventures. Mr. Ian Fleming, the author of novels about James Bond, created this method. He later stated that this “foolproof” strategy could earn you a decent dinner every night. Now, to use his approach, you need 200 dollars at least.

First, you’ll need to make $140 wager on the 19–36. Then bet on numbers 13–18 and put 10 dollars on single zero as a guarantee. If you are really unfortunate, numbers from one to 12 will appear. In that case, you should use the Martingale, because you just lost 200 dollars.

On the other hand, you’ll earn 80 dollars if the ball lands in any of 19–36 pockets. For pockets from 13 to 18, you’re up 100 dollars, and if the ball falls on zero, your profit will be $160.

As you can tell, a significant disadvantage of this roulette strategy is the fact that you could lose all if numbers from one to 12 show up. Do you feel like a risk-taker?

Final Thoughts

All of the mentioned strategies and tips are something you need to cover before the actual game. Multiple factors influence your gameplay, and you should take them into consideration. You’ll need to know whether you’re for occasional betting or you have the skills for professional gambling. Also, decide in advance how much money you are willing to lose. Then, choose the approach that you think will give you the best chances to win.

However, never forget that roulette is a game of fortune. There is no secure way to win, and the losses are the only sure thing.