Most Memorable Roulette Winners Ever


Roulette is a game everyone knows as the “Devils game” as one spin can make you rich. Time stands still as the small ball lands in a pocket. Cheering and prayers are as loud as the sound of the ball hitting wood. The round ends and winners take their prizes. Now, let’s see who the biggest roulette winners are and whether they have luck to thank or knowledge.

Roulette history is vast and diverse, and many players got lucky winning big in the past. Some of them took a leap of faith and wagered everything they had in a single spin. Others were swindlers, who observed and used the physical imperfections of the wheel to win a lot of money cheating.

Biggest Roulette Winners Who Used Tricks

Joseph_JaggerIn 1873, mechanical engineer Joseph Jagger went to Monte Carlo Casino. He offered an employee a financial reward in exchange for information about the wheel behavior. The worker paid attention to roulette wheels in the next few weeks.

Jagger examined the results and realized one of the roulette wheels in the establishment was biased, and some numbers occurred more often than others. The witty engineer won $375,000 betting on the numbers which were hit frequently.

In the same administrative area, more than a decade later, a small-time scoundrel, Charles Wells, gallantly walked into the casino and broke the bank by winning two million francs in 23 rounds. The famous song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” was inspired by Wells’ story. The con man spent eight years behind bars.

merlinBack in 1969, a doctor enchanted by the spinning of the roulette wheel hushed an Italian casino floor by winning $1 million. Richard Jarecki studiously observed roulette wheels with flaws, trying to predict the winning numbers.

Patiently searching for a problematic wheel, the doctor spent weeks perfecting his observation skills in San Remo and Monte Carlo casinos. Jarecki kept coming back to casinos, investing his life savings and winning each night.

One of the owners of the two casinos called him a “menace.” Tired of the doctor’s continuous wins, the casinos changed all 24 wheels. This did nothing to stop the doctor, who moved to the Philippines and opened a gambling establishment of his own.

Roulette Winners by Pure Chance

sean conneryThe famous movie star who played the legendary character of 007, Sean Connery, tested his Bond powers on roulette in an Italian casino. The actor placed five bets in five rounds on a single number — 17. After missing two times, the final three spins landed on a number he wagered on, getting him $27,000. The odds of this happening are equal to 1:50,000. It would seem the actor’s luck never abandons him since, in the James Bond movie, the secret agent wins betting his money on the number 17.

Almost half a century later, a man sold all his valued belongings and set out to Las Vegas to win or lose. With the last penny in his pocket, Ashley Revell sat at a roulette table and put everything he had on red.

As he explained, time stood still when the ball came to a halt on the number seven — red. Revell left the casino ecstatic with $135,000. Soon after, the man who sold all of his assets traveled the world and got married.

Around the same time, only a few years later, programmer Chris Boyd loaded his wallet with his savings. Boyd walked into the only club in Las Vegas which accepted high wagers. Much like Revell, Boyd tested his luck on red and won $220,000.

Mike AshleyAcross the Atlantic Ocean, a British businessman strolled into a U.K. casino. Mike Ashley is the owner of a football club, Newcastle United. He tested his fate by wagering his money on every inside bet and every number adjoining the number 17. Ashley won £820,000. According to the croupier, the businessman only nodded and exclaimed: “That’ll do me, thanks very much,” and left the establishment.

Ashley’s fellow countryman, Philip Green, is a fashion magnate, who frequently visits high-end casinos in the capital. A few weeks before Christmas, the retail king won two million pounds and left saying his night at the tables was fantastic.

Can You Win at Roulette?

There are no magical or strictly defined rules about how to win at roulette. Winning is a mixture of bets, odds, and probability. Land-based games differ in minor details from online ones. Roulette wheels can be found at almost every online casino, and as this is a game of chance, the odds of correctly predicting the game’s outcome are low. The reason is that software developers use the Random Number Generator. In simple terms, this is what ensures you can’t predict the result.

In land-based casinos, roulette wheels can be worn out by age. Each is different and can have unique flaws, which can influence the outcome of the game. However, the adventures of the winners mentioned above are no longer tolerated. So winning the game comes down to luck and knowing the odds.

Many players use tactics and strategies like Martingale and James Bond to ensure they enhance their bankroll. There is an unspoken rule among gamblers to wager only sums they are comfortable losing. They also place a bet on the fields which are more likely to win.

A spin of the roulette wheel is a gamble — a fleeting moment. Since tables are designed to give an honest player a hard time winning, is there such a thing as a big win in roulette? Of course; that’s the charm of this simple game that has existed for a long time.