Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy (hereinafter known merely as the “Policy”) explains how and its employees, owners, and connected third parties (hereinafter referred to as “Best Roulette Casino”) gather user information. In addition, this Policy can and will be applied to all websites which are publicly affiliated with Best Roulette Casino and any services that Best Roulette Casino provides (hereinafter referred to as “Services”). 

1 User Information Collection

1.1 Best Roulette Casino routinely gathers information and data related to users who utilize its Services in any way. This data collection includes but is not limited to information that users provide while signing up for Best Roulette Casino newsletters, while contacting Best Roulette Casino via an online form on the website, while participating in an online contest or survey, or by conducting communications with Best Roulette Casino by any means not explicitly mentioned here. 

1.2 The user data that Best Roulette Casino collections may include but is not limited to email addresses as well as any other kind of data that a user decides to share while making use of the website. 

1.3 Best Roulette Casino has the right to obtain information on a particular user from a different source and combine it with the data that the user had provided themselves with while using the website Services.

1.4 Specific types of user data are collected automatically while the users are accessing Best Roulette Casino services. 

1.5 If a user accesses Best Roulette Casino services via computer and uses them, Best Roulette Casino may log the following:

  • The previous websites a user had visited before arriving at Best Roulette Casino
  • The language and type of Internet browsing software utilized by the user
  • The time and date when the user has accessed Best Roulette Casino
  • The user’s IP (Internet Protocol Address)
  • The approximation of the user’s location, according to IP
  • The operating system on the computer used to access Best Roulette Casino.

1.6 If a user accesses Best Roulette Casino using a mobile device, Best Roulette Casino may collect the following data:

  • The mobile carrier of the user’s phone
  • The brand and version of the mobile browser
  • The unique ID of the mobile device
  • The device’s IP address

1.7 In addition to the above-mentioned types of user information, Best Roulette Casino may also gather user information related to statistical data and information on the users’ activity on its Services. 

2 Cookies

2.1 Best Roulette Casino collects some types of user data automatically using “cookies.”

2.2 “Cookies” are defined as small data files stored on the hard drives of the users by websites they visit. Best Roulette Casino may use cookies to improve the user experience in regards to its Services and on the website in general. 

2.3 The default setting on most Internet browsers accept the use of cookies. However, depending on the users’ personal preferences, they may choose to decline cookies and remove them. Doing this will result in some aspects of the user experience at Best Roulette Casino being possibly altered. 

3 Web Beacons 

3.1 Best Roulette Casino may collect information via web beacons, otherwise known as pixel tags. These represent digital images that may be utilized in Services or in related emails. Best Roulette Casino may use pixel tags to count user visits, deliver cookies, better understand usage, and increase the effectiveness of campaigns. That can also be used to see if a specific email has been opened by a user. 

4 Advertisements and Third-Party Analytics

4.1 Best Roulette Casino may allow third parties to serve advertisements to users across the Internet on its behalf as well as hire third parties to provide it with analytics services. These third-party entities may use web beacons, cookies, and other technologies or devices to collect information on users’ activities regarding Services and other applications and websites.

4.2 The user information which third parties might collect includes:

  • Information on the users’ browser software
  • Time spent on specific pages or in apps
  • Links clicked by the users
  • Previous websites which the users visited
  • The users’ IP address
  • Conversion information

4.3 Best Roulette Casino and the above-mentioned third parties may use this data to enhance their advertising strategies, including but not limited to better targeting of content. 

5 Use of Information

5.1 Best Roulette Casino may utilize the collected user data for varied purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Maintenance and innovation of its Services
  • Communicating relevant information to its users, related to the delivery of products and Services
  • Responding to requests and questions and giving users appropriate customer care
  • Informing users on contests, promotions, and rewards, along with other products and Services which Best Roulette Casino offers;
  • Processing and sending rewards to contest winners
  • Analyzing and observing usage trends on Best Roulette Casino Services
  • Giving users content that is in line with their user-profiles and interests
  • Fulfilling any other intention because of which the aforementioned data was gathered6Information Sharing

6.1 Best Roulette Casino may divulge user information in the following cases:

  • At the user’s request or with their consent;
  • To third-party consultants, vendors, or service providers who are operating on behalf of Best Roulette Casino and require access to user data in order to perform their duties;
  • To third-party entities that represent partners of Best Roulette Casino, regarding contests, questionnaires, and surveys in case the user doesn’t opt out of this type of data sharing.
  • To legal authorities, upon their request, if such sharing of information is in accordance with applicable laws, legal regulations, and processes, or if it is strictly required by any regulations from relevant jurisdictions. 
  • If Best Roulette Casino is led to believe that the actions of a user weren’t in accordance with the spirit and/or the language of the agreed-upon user agreements and policies, which were intended to guarantee the safety and property rights of Best Roulette Casino, its other users, and third-party entities. 
  • During negotiations or in the process of the sale of any company assets, during the Best Roulette Casino’s merging with a different company, or during the acquisition of the entirety or a portion of the Best Roulette Casino business by another corporate entity. 

6.2 Best Roulette Casino may also share user data that doesn’t contain personal information or aggregated information that cannot be utilized to discover the identity of individual users. 

7 Social Sharing Features

7.1 Best Roulette Casino may feature different optional plug-ins (an example being the Facebook ‘like’ button), or similar tools and features whose purpose it is to give users the option of sharing actions performed at Best Roulette Casino with different websites, and vice versa.

7.2 In accordance with the settings that the users choose while utilizing the services of third-party social feature providers, these plug-ins may allow the sharing of certain information with the general public or specific social groups.

7.3 When it comes to the scope and legalities of data collection, as well as its purposes, on third-party and social media websites, users should be advised that Best Roulette Casino accepts no liability. For more relevant information, users should refer to the privacy policies of the above-mentioned third-party websites. 

8 Security and Safety

8.1 Best Roulette Casino operates with all the required and reasonable measures and precautions to ascertain that the gathered user data is secure, with the intention of preventing and reducing misuse, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration, or non-consensual disclosure of information. 

9 Data Retention

9.1 Best Roulette Casino stores the collected user data for as long as it is needed in regards to the purpose with which it was initially gathered. Some specific information may also be kept longer, for legitimate business or legal purposes. 

10 Information Transfers Between the U.S. and Other Jurisdictions

10.1 Best Roulette Casino is a website based in the United States, and all user information is stored and processed in the U.S. However, according to its needs, Best Roulette Casino may transfer collected user data to a different legal jurisdiction and store it there. This jurisdiction may provide users with a varying level of data protection, compared to the U.S. In that case, Best Roulette Casino will take the necessary steps to provide a reasonable level of data protection for user information in different jurisdictions.

11 Optional Promotional Communications

11.1 Users can opt out of receiving promotional emails from Best Roulette Casino. That can be achieved by following instructions that are found within the above-mentioned emails. After opting out of receiving promotional materials, users may occasionally still receive emails that are not promotional, containing information related to Service updates. 

12 Privacy Policy Changes

12.1 This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. Upon changes being made, users will receive an email notification and/or be notified by a statement on the Best Roulette Casino homepage. Upon each occasion that users access Best Roulette Casinos for Services, they are advised to check the Privacy Policy for changes.