Roulette Promotions at Online Casinos


Many online casino sites provide their players with different sorts of promotions. There are two ways to gamble online — in free and real-money games. Each of these offers the benefits that help you stay in the game longer. These usually come in the form of bonuses.

But what can these bonuses be? When you play the game for real money, bonuses will be an addition to your deposit. That means you’ll have more funds for the game. When it comes to free games, you will probably get more chances to play in the form of, let’s say, free spins.

So what type of promotions are common in online casinos? Are they better for roulette or other games? Is there a way to clear the bonuses? Which are the best roulette promotions? Let’s take a look at that.

Types of Promotions

In online casinos, you can be introduced to various kinds of bonuses. These depend on whether you’re a regular gambler or a newcomer. You should know that not all of them can apply to the roulette. Some of them are created for games like slots and blackjack specifically. Nevertheless, the roulette still has enough options to keep you in the game.

Sign-Up (Registration) Bonus

This type of bonus is also known as a welcome bonus, and it is one of the most generous promotions you’ll find at online casinos. That is one of those options that the casino uses to attract newcomers, so it makes sense that the given amount is quite handsome.

Here is how it works — you enter a gambling site and make your deposit. Then, a popup window will show, and you’ll decide whether you decline or accept the bonus. If you accept, it will most likely be assigned to your account instantly. You can even withdraw it, but not until you fulfill all of the requirements.

Welcome Bonuses in casino

These requirements mean that you’ll have to bet your bonus and deposit amount an X number of times. If your deposit is 50 dollars and you get a $50 promotion, you must first place wagers equal to the sum of the two multiplied by your wagering requirement before you can cash out. These requirements are most commonly between 15x and 30x.

That is why you should consider this promotion as you’re registering at a new casino. Also, this bonus has a longer validity period, and the ratio between the bonus and the deposit is better. That is why it is not a bad idea to start your online gaming with such a promotion.

Bonus Code

One thing you should be aware of when looking to redeem bonuses is whether they require a bonus code. On most sites, this is not a requirement for the welcome bonus, but it might be on others.

Reload Bonuses

An experienced player will not find it satisfactory just to get the welcome bonus and leave it at that. A quality casino should have promotions for regular players as well. These bonuses are designed to allow gamblers to earn extra money with their further deposits. They are known as “reload bonuses,” and the majority of big, reputable casinos have them in their offer.

The reload bonuses amount and percentage is generally lower in comparison to the welcome bonus. Still, it is not bad to have them in hand when the game is on.

No-Deposit and FreePlay Bonuses

One of the most enjoyable promotions in an online casino is the one with no deposit needed. The disadvantage is that most of the time, this kind of bonus is reserved for new players. Also, not all gambling sites offer them.

Another thing is the size of these promotions is not very high. Still, they allow you to play real-money games without any costs. They come as a couple of free spins or a tiny amount of casino money.

Why Are Roulette Bonuses Usually Lower Than Slots?

As it was mentioned, you will not get bonuses just by registering. The main objective behind the bonus idea is for you to play real money games for a longer time than you would with just your deposit.

However, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. Your bonus will probably be the same amount as your deposit, and, as we’ve previously mentioned, you’ll have to play through them first before requesting a withdrawal. This rollover requirement can be anywhere from 15 to 30 times the amount of your bonus and deposit combined. It also gives you an opportunity for a withdrawal later.

Some games and bets, however, might have lower weight when it comes to meeting these requirements or will not count for them at all. The slots and scratch games contribute at a 100 percent rate for your total, yet blackjack may count only as 10 percent. Alternately, roulette, as well as other table games, contributes somewhere between 5 and 25 percent.

The reason for that might lie in the fact that you have higher odds in table games. With slots, you risk more, and you cannot apply any actual strategy, so the payoff can be larger.

Tips on How to Clear Bonuses

Most players would love to win money and immediately request a cashout. Yet, in a real-money game, your wager is first funded by your deposit. That means you can use your bonus funds only once you lose your entire deposit.

That is why you should have a strategy designed to help you clear your bonus and withdraw your funds. For this, you’ll have to be prepared to stay in the game for as long as it takes to sweep your bonus. That is why you should start with European roulette — its house edge is only 2.7%.


Let’s say you start your game with 1,000 dollars (deposit and bonus) that need to be wagered 60 times. If you place your bet of 10 dollars on even-money wagers like red, black, odd, or even, you will have to bet 6,000 times. Assuming you’re playing single-zero wheels, each wager will cost you 1,620 dollars. That means you’re losing your deposit before sweeping the bonus.

One strategy you can use is to place larger wagers. You could place 100 dollars and hope you’ll get lucky. With this amount, you’d need to bet only 600 times in order to clear the bonus.

Casino Bonuses

Additionally, some gamblers apply the Martingale system, where they double their wager after every losing spin. If they’re lucky, with this strategy, they may clear the bonus swiftly. However, there is also a possibility that they run out of money if they get an unlucky streak of losses.

The D’Alembert roulette system, for instance, is almost ideal if you aim to clear your bonus. You will get a lot of spins and persistently have wagers higher than minimal due to how the method works. If you lose seven bets in the Martingale, you lose 123 units. If you miss that many in D’Alembert, your loss will only be 28 units.

The Sixpence Roulette System

Yet another great way to clear the bonus is the system called Sixpence. That is an excellent method because you have at least six chips in action at all times, and you only increase your wager after a win. That means the funds to start a session can be 60 units. It gives you plenty of opportunities to catch a string of wins where you can double or even triple your bets.

However, be aware that placing a deposit in an online game is to have fun and win some wagers if possible. And bonuses are there to simply give you longer playtime. Also, don’t forget that there is always a house edge and many rules attached to bonus withdrawal. One of them is most often a 30-day time frame during which you have to play through your bonus.

Examples of Casinos With the Best Bonuses

There is an abundant choice of gambling sites that offer you many types of games. Most of them will provide registration bonuses. One of the online casinos with the best promotions certainly is BoVegas, with a welcome bonus of up to 250%. Next in the line are the Eclipse and Exclusive casinos that offer a warm welcome of 100% of your deposit. They are followed by 75% bonuses at Supernova and Golden Lion, and 70% at Free Spin and Cherry Gold.

So if you decide to take your chances at one of those gambling sites, be sure to familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts, what strategies you could use, and of course, stick to your bankroll. Now, although the bonuses are pretty sweet, your decisions are what will ultimately lead you to the grand prize. Also, always remember that luck plays a huge part in roulette, especially the one played online.