The Best Double Zero Roulette Strategy


The vast difference between the double zero wheels, also known as the American roulette, and the European wheels, which are always wheels with a single zero, is the house edge. To be precise, the house edge depends on the number of zeros the roulette wheel has — more zeros means bigger house advantage. That is something you should consider while choosing whether to play American or European version of the game or even if you’re lucky, French roulette (the most player-favored version).

Types of Bets in Double Zero Roulette

The table layout for the American roulette has 38 fields — for numbers from 1 to 36, a single and double zero. The same goes for the number of pockets in the wheel. That is why, when it comes to bets, the players will have a great selection. For each wager, there are different odds and payout. However, they can all be categorized as one of these two:

Roulette Table Betting

  • Inside bets — placed on one number alone or the line between multiple number fields. Even though they grant high payouts, the chances of winning are weak.
  • Outside bets — made on a bigger group of numbers, like an entire number columns, even/odd, red/black, or high/low. Payouts for these are lower, but winning odds are much larger than for inside bets.

Knowing that, it is always better to place outside than inside bets. So let’s inspect the strategies that can help us place the right type of wager and win.

Clever Betting Strategies

The roulette is a simple table game. You look at the numbers on the layout, you place your wager, and wait for the ball to land in one of the pockets. There are some strategies you can apply to your betting. Of course, none of them can help you increase your odds but are merely there to spice up the game. After all, if there were such a thing as a strategy everyone could use to profit all the time, the casinos would go bankrupt quickly.


Roulette is the only casino game that gives around 50/50 chances to its players on a single bet. These bets are known as “even or odd,” “red or black,” and “1–18 or 19–36,” and they allow you to hit about half of the roulette wheel. However, the single and double zeros don’t count. But still, you are left with high chances of winning.

The thing is, the payout ratio for these wagers is lower, which means that if you bet 10 dollars, you’ll probably win 10 dollars. Nevertheless, this is one of the safest bets you can place. And if you’re willing to take a chance with a more significant amount on each wager, it can really pay off in the long run.

Column Bets

For those of you who don’t find 1 to 1 payouts satisfying, there is an option to bet on columns and get a 2 to 1 payout. Placing this bet will size down your choice for almost a third, but it still covers a big part of the table and doubles your prize. So if your wager is 10 dollars, your gain will be 20 dollars.

A number of black and red numbers is different for each of the three columns, and the numbers aren’t consecutive. For example, you have 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, and 31 in the 1st column. Also, the double and the single zero aren’t included in columns.

Red and 2nd Column, or Black and 3rd Column

The red/black bet is for gamblers who want to enclose their wager. The 3rd column on the layout has four black numbers and eight red, and 2nd has four red and eight black. That is a good layout for some stable yet slow prizes. Betting on red in the 3rd column and doubling the wager on the black, for example, may give you a decent chance to break even or enhance your gain.

Betting on the red in the 3rd column gives you a big chunk of red pockets on the wheel. Including black in this bet raises your odds, because this way, you cover almost half of the wheel. And while the payout for red is 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 for black, there is a good chance you’ll at least come even. That is because you will double your wager if a red number comes up on the 3rd column but will lose the wager you made on black. The same goes if a black number shows up. In this system, the risk is minimal, and you are packing your bankroll steadily.

Things are identical if you decide to combine red and the 2nd column. You cover almost half of the wheel with red, and there are eight numbers in the 2nd column. That is a good betting strategy because you could get some consistent gains.

Betting on a Single Number

The single number bet, also known as a straight bet, is for those who want to win without thinking about the risk this action carries. Now, the risk is very high, but the payout of 35 to 1 seems to be worth it. Here, you can also wager that the ball will land on the double or single zero.

Split Bet

If you want to reduce risk and still chase a higher prize, you should make a split bet. To do this, you should lay chips down on the line between two number fields. It can be vertical or horizontal placement, and the payout is 17 to 1.

Double Zero split Betting

Betting on a Single or Double Zero

You already know that the American roulette has two zero fields. These ensure the advantage of the house. But is it smart to bet on them?

Betting on a Single Zero

Betting on the zero means you are placing a straight bet, just like with any other number on the table. That means that in case you win, the payout will be 35 to 1. And it does pay off — if your chosen field ends up being the winning number.

Some players advise betting on the zero because the house bets on it as well. Now, this is not something you can rely on. The house will surely win, but your odds will stay the same as in any other straight bet.

Betting on a Double Zero

When you bet on zeros, it might be an excellent choice to add the double zero to the equation as well. Since the pockets for zeros are placed across one another, you are not betting on the neighboring numbers. That makes your odds slightly higher than in a split bet. The payoff is 17 to 1, and the odds are 2 to 38. Some of the gamblers see this wager as a way to ensure money. Nonetheless, statistics beg to differ; but in the long run, it can be rewarding to use this strategy.

Zero as a Side Bet

The best way you can utilize a zero bet is to place a side wager on the zero. The payouts are significantly reduced compared to single number bets, but the odds are better.

Here, you bet on a zero and a group of numbers. However, the conditions are the same as if you were playing roulette with a single zero. It is one of the best strategies for the American version of this game because the probability of saving your money is more prominent.


As you can see, there are various betting strategies you can use in the American roulette. Some have high odds and low prizes, others more significant gain but slimmer odds. Even though making a smart choice regarding your roulette wagers will minimize your losses, both 0 and 00 ensure the house advantage.

Looking at all of the options, it seems the safest bet is zero on the side. However, roulette is a game of luck, so we hope it will be on your side once the wheel starts turning.